Get Powerpoint Karaoke Slides

Your game is only as good as the slides you play with. You can use our slidepack, or try building your own.

Try our Slidepack:

Why risk building a slide deck that plays poorly? Ours are tried and tested, and have been used successfully at hundreds of events.

"We used your slides at our team retreat last month. Powerpoint karaoke was the hit of the retreat!"

Mykal U.,

"Used the slides for a professional development course I teach for sophomores. The students said it was the best activity yet."

Calvin M., The University of Tulsa

The slidepack includes:

  • 1-9 slide decks, each with 10 presentation slides.
  • Game rules and judging criteria.
  • Large, high-quality images.

They are also:

  • Copyright safe.
  • HR friendly.
  • Hilarious.

The Basic Pack: $9.99

Contains 4 slide decks:
  • "Healthy Habits"
  • "Teamwork"
  • "How to Master any Skill"
  • "Stress in the Workplace"
Best Deal!

The Party Pack: $19.99

Contains 9 slide decks:
  • "Healthy Habits"
  • "Teamwork"
  • "How to Master any Skill"
  • "Stress in the Workplace"
  • "Fostering Innovation"
  • "Taking Risks"
  • "How to Be More Productive"
  • "Your Path to Personal Wealth"
  • "Building Healthy Relationships"

The Booster Pack: $19.99

Contains 9 slide decks:
  • "A History of our Organization"
  • "Business Ideas"
  • "Finding Success in Your Career"
  • "Interviewing Job Candidates"
  • "Life Hacks"
  • "New Employee Onboarding"
  • "Preparing for Retirement"
  • "Tips for Using Social Media"
  • "Work-life Balance"

Protip: Customize these Slides

For maximum effectiveness, use our slides as a foundation and add some of your own to make them more relevant. Here are a few ideas: