How to Play

This page covers the basics of how to play Powerpoint Karaoke. For more detailed instructions, check out The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Powerpoint Karaoke Event.


To play, you will need:

  1. Powerpoint Karaoke slides! You can use ours or try building your own.
  2. A way to present the slides to a live audience (projector, monitor, video-conference tool, etc).

Game Play

In this game, a series of volunteers will each give a Powerpoint presentation containing slides they have never seen, in front of a live audience. For each presentation:

  1. The presenter is not allowed to see the slides before presenting.
  2. The presenter must deliver each slide in succession without skipping any slides.
  3. The presentation ends when all slides have been presented, or after six minutes (whichever comes first).

When the presentation is over, the next player is invited to present a new, unseen, slide deck. Once all players have presented, it’s time to judge the round.


The round can judged by a panel or by popular vote.

One common way to measure popularity is to have the audience applaud for each presenter once all the presentations are done. The name that garners the loudest applause is then proclaimed the winner.

Example Judging criteria

Tips for Presenters

Note: These rules are for a fairly typical game of Powerpoint Karaoke. Rules can be adapted for your situation, as needed.